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On and Offshore Coating Solutions

  • Anti Corrosion Control. Coating systems for equipment and structures. Sub-sea systems and surface systems for on and offshore applications.
  • Fire protection. Systems for the protection of structures and equipment specially formulated to protect against Hydrocarbon fires on offshore installations.
  • Polyurethane coating for impact and abrasion protection, applications for Sub-sea and surface for both on and offshore.
  • Polyurethane coating for noise reduction and Vibration control (damping) for on and offshore applications.

HOL-TEC offers a comprehensive coating service with an iterative approach to our client's problems with years of combined experience our engineers and applicators will mobilise to locations on and offshore globally to assess the issues and provide a suitable system and plan of action that offers performance and an excellent life cycle of the specified system.

The above systems and HOL-TEC's specialist services not only promote safety by ensuring that structures and equipment are protected and retain their integrity. But also reduce cost by mimiulizing down time and also assisting in the inspection of equipment and structures.

HOL-TEC`s range of Polyurethane coatings can be applied at thickness ranging from 1mm to + 20mm, with the addition of reinforcement depending on project specification. Our coatings offer excellent adhesion to Steel, Concrete, Timber, GRP and Syntactic foams.

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